SNACTEK’s Puffing Machines:

A puff machine is nothing but a multi-purpose instrument used for producing various cereal grains based consumables like puffed rice, health mix products, rice flakes etc.

Puff machine from Snactek does exactly the same. Our air steam puffing machine keeps the original flavors, nutrition and colors of wheat, rice, corn, millet, and other cereal grains. It is the best suitable puffing machine for rice, wheat, corn and a variety of other grain foods.

Since ages, puffed grains have been made with easier and simpler methods like popping popcorn using sand etc. However, after the technological advancements, in modern times, puffed grains are produced using high temperature, pressure or extrusion in a puff machine.

Most people love eating puffed grains with sugar or salt for taste. The homogeneous batter is mixed with commercial products like flakes, corn and corn pops. It is then formed into shapes before toasting or extrusion. Health experts advise to consume plain puffed grains because by adding ingredients, it loses its precious nutrition.

Puffed grains are quite popular as breakfast cereals, and resemble rice cakes. It is a well known fact that the puffing factor of rice is quite high, and therefore the end product is more homogeneous in nature.

A puff machine generally accepts wheat, rice, corn and other grains as raw materials, to produce their puffed versions having various shapes resembling an onion ring, waved chips, spiral etc. Such snack pellets can be made crispy by drying, frying and flavoring the grain.

Happy snacking!



    Less time spent cleaning means lower costs and faster changeovers. The best features of our machines include outstanding reliability, performance and ease of use.
    The machine is fabricated from stainless steel (SS-304 / SS-316). Rugged construction which is easy to install and maintain. It is compact and stable with a reasonable structure and low noise.
    Three important principles form the basis of our design: reducing the accumulation of unwanted materials; improving visibility and access for cleaning, and simplifying the removal and replacement of components and assemblies without the need for tools or technicians.
    WORTH IT :
    Economical, Affordable and a Cost-effective machine that is definitely worth your investment.
    Complete insulation for a heat free, comfortable and safe working environment.